The values that shape our organization

Strict Adherence to Standards

In private security, our officers often work independently and without supervision. Therefore, it is crucial that we uphold the highest standards of morality, ethics, appearance, and demeanor, as we represent not only ourselves but also our agency to the general public. Constructive criticism from colleagues is essential to ensure we maintain these standards. Our ability to remain receptive and humble to feedback is more critical than pointing out deficiencies in others. It is vital to understand that when another officer offers criticism, they do so out of professional respect for the individual and the agency. By doing so, we can strengthen our image and reputation as a cohesive unit.

Desire for Self Improvement

We strongly believe in the adage that “the ladder of excellence extends to eternity.” This simply means that self-improvement is a continuous journey, and achieving mastery is an elusive goal often perpetuated by salespeople. There is always room for improvement in every aspect of our personal and professional lives. In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Physical well-being and fitness
  • Conflict resolution and mitigation
  • Identification, observation, and mitigation of threats
  • First-aid and lifesaving techniques
  • Emergency and disaster management

Unshakable Character

Part of being the Warrior, Ambassador, and Role model is the never-ending commitment to instilling confidence in everyone who comes into contact with our officers and our company. Abiding by laws, having a friendly and approachable demeanor, and maintaining high ethical standards play a vital role in building the image in which the world views our company.

Leftwich Global Protective Services officers

Warrior, Ambassador, & Role Model

What we call “The WARM Archetype” or “The 3 Identities of a Leftwich Global Security Officer” is an ideal we’ve created for all members of our organization to strive to emulate. 



In the field of safety and security, it’s easy to fall into a state of complacency over time. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the safety and security of those around us solely rests on our shoulders. In times of crisis (which are bound to happen), our clients and their guests will look to us as their primary source of protection. As the first responder on the scene, it’s our duty to ensure that people remain calm and safe to the best of our abilities, often before the arrival of the police or EMTs.

That said, it’s possible to be both a warrior and a gentleman. One does not have to be brutish to be a protector. It’s worth remembering that everyone in the room is aware of the fact that we could probably overpower them with little effort. Therefore, it’s important to project a friendly demeanor and put on a smile once in a while.



As representatives of our clients, we’re often the first point of contact for visitors. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to create a positive first impression. Beyond ensuring the safety and security of those we serve, we should also strive to have a thorough understanding of our clients and their facilities.

When guests seek our assistance or guidance, a nonchalant smile and shrug of the shoulders while pointing them to the nearest employee is unacceptable.

While our primary role is that of a warrior, we should also take pride in being approachable and informative to our clients’ guests.



It may be simpler to refer to you as a “friend,” but we tend to make exceptions and excuses for friends. I need an individual who embodies admirable qualities that people genuinely cherish.

This is the only expectation I have of you that I don’t necessarily believe I can teach. I can’t teach you to be a role model outside of trying to be a role model myself. That’s how it works. The role model sets an example sets an example that others can aspire to follow. A role model consistently:

  • Demonstrates respect toward others
  • Maintains a positive attitude
  • Protects the vulnerable
  • Prioritizes the needs of others over their own
  • Upholds integrity and morality, irrespective of recognition or reward.

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