Edrick Mercado

Edrick Mercado is our Fredericksburg, VA Team Leader

Edrick Mercado is a highly skilled security professional with extensive experience in both emergency medical services and security management. As a former EMT with over three years of experience in a supervisory role, Edrick has successfully managed complex and challenging situations, responding quickly and effectively to diagnose and stabilize patients. He is certified in both pediatric and geriatric care and has a proven track record of working in high-stress environments and reacting quickly to emergencies.

In addition to his medical experience, Edrick has also excelled in security management, providing protection services for a range of private events, bars/clubs, sporting events, military contractors, and retail departments. He has experience in personnel screening, asset retention, and CCTV surveillance, and is committed to providing industry-leading security services that instill confidence in clients.

Edrick’s excellent communication skills and leadership abilities enable him to de-escalate situations, prevent emergencies, and lead team members in a professional manner. He has used his experience to train and certify lifeguards in CPR skills and open water rescue techniques, making him a valuable asset to any team.