Survival Mindset - 4 Steps to Surviving Spontaneous Violent Encounters

Having served 8 years as an active duty Marine, Rich spent half his career leading troops in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the other half training and educating officers at Marine Corps Base Quantico. His focus included subjects ranging from leadership and tactics to hand-to-hand combat and various personal and crew-served weapon systems. 

Brown separated from the Marine Corps in 2012 after a physical disability left him unable to reenlist. By then, he had already started a private security firm which was later acquired by Arrow Security in 2014. Arrow projects to sell a million dollars in security guard services in Virginia this year. 

Brown describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, however his pursuit of business leadership is rivaled only by his passion for security and protecting others. 

While leading a team of 40 security professionals (mostly veterans), Rich provides executive protection and live-in security for various celebrities, news personalities, and other at-risk people of influence around the beltway.

In this video Rich discusses his “4 Steps to Surviving Spontaneous Violent Encounters” which are: 
1. Prepare Your Mind 

– Who (or what) do you have to live for? 
– What are you willing to do to survive?
– What are you not willing to do to survive?
– Would you recognize a threat in your area?
– What else can you do to prepare your mind and body? 

2. Trust Your Gut

– Nobody’s feelings are more important than your safety
– Your intuition is a gift bestowed upon you by every ancestor that ever lived.
– “Center yourself” in righteous indignation 

3. Know Your Heart

-“Knowing your heart” is the ability to engage in combat in defense of yourself or others, and know when it’s done that you did what you had to do for the right reasons.
– If placed in a “kill or be killed” situation, knowing your heart will allow you to sleep comfortably at night and live a happy and productive life despite potentially taking the life of another human. 

4. Take ownership

– “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”
– “Wherever I walk, people are safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.”



In this video, Rich reads from Protecting the Gift by Gavin De Becker, which can be purchased directly from Gavin De Becker

During the Q&A, Rich uses an example of the “ATM Strategy” from Tony Blauer.
You can watch the entire example on Youtube


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