Close Personal Protection

Proactive & Inteligence Based Protection Strategies

The results are in. 0% of reactive techniques fail to stop unknown threats. The only effective way to protect your body, brand, and private life is to stay ahead of the threat. The ongoing war against physical harm, embarrassment, and invasions of your privacy has to be fought before such actions are taken. The sooner you discover you have a problem, the more options you have at your disposal to solve it. We protect our clients by gathering intelligence, detecting surveillance, identifying threats, and deterring or mitigating threats before they have the opportunity to cause harm.

Logistics & Time Management

How much time have you spent waiting? Our protection agents give you back that time. We work with your team to arrange the details that often get overlooked or left for you to deal with. What is that time worth to you, your company, and your family?

Advance Planning

Our executive protection agents are highly trained and skilled in Advance Planning: the process of surveying your entire itinerary (technologically and physically) days, weeks, or sometimes minutes before your arrival. Advance Planning allows our executive protection teams to become very familiar with the venues, routes, emergency services, etc, and remove obstacles and unnecessary risks from interrupting your plans.

Travel Security

Never is it more beneficial to have an EP team than when you’re traveling to unfamiliar locations. The Advance Planning procedures allow our team to become as familiar with your destination hotel and the surrounding areas as you are with your home and office. Not every disaster or incident can be predicted or anticipated. However, planning for potential hazards or disruptions to your schedule allows us to mitigate those risks which can be anticipated, keeping you productive and prosperous.


Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

According to the Protective Security Council, Protective Intelligence is defined as “the investigative and analytical process used by protectors to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate threats to protectees.”

There can be no argument: proactive action beats reaction every time. Protective Intelligence enables Executive Protection teams to mitigate risks and threats before they present a problem for our clients.

Surveillance Detection

We use the same tools, tactics, and techniques employed and taught by federal agents and private contractors operating in non-permissive environments to uncover and identify surveillance of our clients. Once detected, active mitigation techniques enable our agents to obscure, avoid, and misdirect those who may be attempting to embarrass, steal from, or attack our clients.

Our Surveillance Detection Teams have received extensive training in constructing surveillance detection routes, identifying surveillance techniques, and employing surveillance countermeasures from some of the most qualified and experienced instructors available.

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment is an in-depth, holistic, all-hazards survey of all risks and threats that are currently affecting the client, and those that could present themselves in the foreseeable future. The Threat Assessment also provides recommendations for improving the client’s current security situation.

Threat Management Plan

Designed from the Threat Assessment, the Threat Management Plan is a well-defined document that enables the Executive Protection team to deal with specific identifiable threats to the principal, their family, and their organization. The Threat Management Plan may contain a matrix of both short-term and long-term solutions.