Buying a Handgun for Private Security Use

Purchasing a Handgun for Private Security Use The great warrior-poet Warren G once said: “[…]you can’t be any geek off the streetYou gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I meanEarn your keep” An essential part of being “handy with the steel” is equipping yourself with a firearm that you are competent […]

Commander’s Intent Newsletter, Mar 3, 2023

Punctuality & Messaging “Actions speak louder than words.” What are you communicating; what message are you sending by arriving early, or late? Punctuality is often directly connected to first impressions. For most, it’s the first opportunity to guage whether you’re responsible, respectful of their time, dependable, and organized. Those who know me, know how incredibly […]

Commander’s Intent Newsletter, Feb 24, 2023

[Lt Col William G. Leftwich Jr.] could have been CEO of any company in the country, a U.S. Senator, a Congressman or even President of the United States but he chose to go to Vietnam and fight and die for us… I talked to any number of Marine colonels and generals over him who said, […]

Commander’s Intent Newsletter, Feb 17, 2023

Commander’s Intent Newsletter Feb 17, 2023 You are our most effective marketing campaign More than once, I have stopped in to check on an officer, or been relieved on a post by an officer, and found them in a state of aesthetic disarray. Boots untied, shirt untucked, hair….. When confronted, their response is typically akin […]