Commander's Intent Newsletter

Mar 24, 2023

Punctuality & Messaging

“Actions speak louder than words.” What are you communicating; what message are you sending by arriving early, or late?

Punctuality is often directly connected to first impressions. For most, it’s the first opportunity to guage whether you’re responsible, respectful of their time, dependable, and organized. Those who know me, know how incredibly frustrated I can get when I’m running late, because the last thing I want to communicate to my clients, employees, or anyone, is that I feel my time is more valuable than their own.

If you’re constantly arriving to work right on time, or a few minutes late (you know who you are) I would challenge you to reconsider your travel time and when you need to depart. Leaving 15 minutes earlier is a gift you give yourself in the form of not having to deal with the stress and anxiety of whether traffic congestion is going to make you late. It’s a gift you give your coworkers in the form of peace of mind. I’m sure you can think of a handful of officers that you never have to worry about relieving you late.

If you’re routinely 15 minutes early, thank you. Your effort and consideration is part of what our clients love about us, and I appreciate the example you’ve set for the rest of our staff. It does not go unnoticed.

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